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Invest in your health with an indoor garden.

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A farmers market in your own home.

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The click and Grow 25

No gardening experience needed to grow your own fresh greens

Premium quality greens

Enjoy a new lifestyle full of the freshest, most nutritious home-grown leafy greens and herbs worthy of Michelin star restaurants. Click & Grow 25 takes all the hassle out of gardening and provides all the qualities of farmers market produce.

Indoor garden works like Nespresso coffee machine

Always fresh and available

The smart garden works like a capsule coffee machine, only instead of coffee pods, you use biodegradable plant pods containing seeds and nutrients. Coupled with special grow lights and a unique tray system you’ll have an unparalleled ease of access to healthy greens. Every day, every season.

Subscribe to healthy food Healthy and sustainable greens, made available by hassle-free technology and plant subscription.

No gardening experience needed to grow your own fresh greens

You’ll get

  • Access to curated plant subscription and growing tips
  • 100% clean and fresh greens with 3x more nutrients
  • App-controlled lighting and watering reminders
  • Unique tray design for always having greens at hand
  • Modularity that adjusts to your or entire family’s growing needs

Loved all over the world

  • “The plants both grow faster and contain more nutrients.”

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  • “Serious game changers in your kitchen.”

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  • “Fresh vegetables and herbs all year long. Delicious!”

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  • “Takes the guesswork out of gardening.”

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  • “Refreshingly simple.”

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  • “Even if you lived in a tiny apartment with no light, you could grow fresh greens!”

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Automatic watering

App-controlled automatic lighting

Hassle-free Smart Soil with seeds and nutrients

Weekly harvest and sprouting guarantee

Plant tips and subscription


Fresh greens free from harmful substances The Click & Grow 25 starter kit includes 54 plant pods to get you started. You can choose from 3 complementary plant kits:

  • The Classic salad mix

    The Classic Salad Mix

    Romaine Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Arugula, Red Frill Mustard, Green Chard, Green Sorrel

  • The Asian Cuisine Greens Mix

    The Asian Cuisine Greens Mix

    Pak Choi, Red Pak Choi, Leaf Mustard, Mibuna, Shungiku, Mizuna

  • The Lettuce and Leafy Veggie Mix

    The Lettuce and Leafy Veggie Mix

    Green Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Pak Choi, Green Kale, Rainbow Chard


Enjoy full control over the growing cycle and ensure your food is completely free of pesticides, plant hormones, and any other harmful substances.

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