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Terms and conditions of use

1. All of our products can be purchased online when the product is marked with an "add to cart" option. The Click and Grow company preserves the right not to deliver the goods, if the product price or attributes are not correct due to a system error. When ordering through our online shop is not possible, or there have been errors with the checkout, a notification is sent and all payments will be returned to the buyer.

2. The contents of the shopping cart can be changed until a shipping address is provided. If the buyer needs to change the ordered goods later, a new checkout procedure must be made.

3. Our online shop accepts the following payment methods: bank-links of Swedbank and SEB bank, Master and Visa credit cards and PayPal. Credit card payments are made through Nets Estonia LLC (Laki 12, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia tel. 6711 477, fax 6711 420)

4. When the order has not been paid after 3 days, the purchase will be cancelled.

5. After a product has been added to the shopping cart you can continue shopping for other products. A note of confirmation is provided after the payment.

6. Orders from the online shop will be processed on the day of payment and Click and Grow will contact the buyer on the next working day at latest.

7. All goods will be delivered to the provided address. All goods will be delivered to the buyer only. Goods will be handed over to 3rd persons only with prior agreement with the buyer. Delivery will be made within 5 to 14 working days latest after the payment.

8. The buyer has the right to return the product within 14 days after delivery. In this case all payments except transportation costs will be returned to the buyer. The returned goods must not be used and must still be in the original packaging.

9. When returning the goods, a prior notice must be sent to info@clickandgrow.com. The letter must include the product type, invoice number and the customer’s bank requisites. All payments will be returned immediately, but not later than 30 days after the returning notice has been sent.

10. The buyer preserves the right to return faulty products that do not fill prior agreement. The customer preserves the right to return faulty products for 2 years after the buying date. A notice about the faulty product must be made immediately and not later than 2 weeks after the discovery of the fault. The buyer must preserve the ordering documents in order to return the faulty product.

11. In the case of faulty product it is the buyer’s right to: 1) Claim free mending or replacement of the product, 2) Claim the reduction of paid price. The seller can reject all claims if the product has not been used according to instructions, has been physically damaged or has not been properly maintained.