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Garden sizes

The Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3

Live in a small apartment or have a limited amount of space? The Smart Garden 3 is the perfect garden for you.

It's compact in stature yet profoundly beautiful, ideal for entry-level gardeners growing 3 fresh herbs or leafy greens at the same time. Behold the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home.

The Smart Garden 3's dimensions are:
11.8in x 4.7in x 13.4in / 30cm x 12cm x 34cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)

The Smart Garden 9

The Smart Garden 9

Ready for some serious plant growing? If you have a little more living space to spare, the Smart Garden 9 is your ideal garden.

It's the perfect example of revolutionary design meeting high-end functionality. Grow 9 herbs, flowers, fruits or leafy greens at once and experience the delights of indoor gardening on a grander scale.

Smart Garden 9s also brighten up offices, schools, restaurants and a whole host of other indoor environments.

The Smart Garden 9's dimensions are:
23.6in x 7.5in x 15.8in / 59cm x 19cm x 39cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)

Get started in just 3 simple steps

Insert the plant pods

1. Insert the plant pods

Our plant capsules are biodegradeable and contain no harmful chemicals.
Add water

2. Add water

The Smart Garden 9 has a 4 l/135 oz water tank, which holds enough water for up to one month.
Plug it in

3. Plug it in

Thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system, the Smart Garden 9 only consumes 13W of power.

Smart Soil

Click & Grow Smart Soil does all the work for you

Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The Smart Soil keeps water distributed evenly inside the nanostructure, so the plant roots have access to water at all times.

It makes sure plants have perfect pH-level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

The growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials, and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones or other harmful substances.

What can I grow?Grow anything from basil to strawberries to coriander to tomato to sequoia trees. The choice is yours.

  • Mini Tomato Plant Pods

    Mini Tomato

  • Basil Plant Pods


  • Green Lettuce Plant Pods

    Green Lettuce

  • Wild Strawberry Plant Pods

    Wild Strawberry

  • Lavender Plant Pods


  • Red Hot Chili pepper capsule - Click & Grow indoor herb garden - Grow Chili Pepper at home with an indoor garden

    Red Hot Chili Pepper

  • Cilantro/Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) capsule - Click & Grow indoor garden


  • Oregano Plant Pods


  • Chives Plant Pods


  • Red Kale (Brassica oleracea) capsule - Click & Grow indoor garden

    Red Kale

  • Experimental Plant Pods


  • + many more