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Click & Grow Technology

Click & Grow uses science and technology to naturally optimize plant growth.

Technology has hacked everything from transportation, to accommodation, to information systems. Here at Click & Grow, we’re bringing this quest for efficiency and innovation to something new—nature.

Our Smart Gardens provide zero-effort gardening solutions perfect for urban homes. Using specially developed Smart Soil and a simple, automated system, Click & Grow products help you grow plants quickly and easily, without any GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, or other harmful substances.

Technology does all the workClick & Grow technology enables you to grow three herbs simultaneously with zero effort.

Smart Garden 9 technical drawing
Professional grow light with built-in timer

Professional grow lights to make plants grow faster

The lamp is designed specifically for faster germination and growth. Provides natural light cycle of 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

Adjustable lamp height

Adjustable lamp height

Lamp height is easily adjustable with extension arms.

Smart Soil with nutrients and seeds inside

Smart Soil with nutrients and seeds inside

A patented nano-material that automatically releases nutrients, oxygen and water your plants need to thrive.

Faster sprouting thanks to biodomes

Faster sprouting thanks to biodomes

Create greenhouse effect for extra fast sprouting.

Self-watering tank

Self-watering tank

Waters plants automatically. Holds up to one month of water supply.

Water level indicator

Water level indicator

Easily monitor the water level and fill the tank approximately every 4 weeks.

Click & Grow Smart Soil does all the work for you

Click & Grow Smart Soil

Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The Smart Soil keeps water distributed evenly inside the nanostructure, so the plant roots have access to water at all times.

It makes sure plants have perfect pH-level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

The growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials, and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones or other harmful substances.

Learn how our products are revolutionizing plant cultivation:

Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system - front view Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system - side view
The Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system

Smart Gardens

Packed full of specially designed, nature-based technology, these compact, sleek gardens helps you grow plants with zero effort.

Mini tomato plant pods Mini tomato plant pods package
Mini tomato plant pods

Plant Pods

You can grow a wide variety of plants, from mini tomatoes, to thyme, to petunias, simply by popping the pods of your choice into your Smart Garden.

Plants bring a multitude of benefits Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness.

Plants bring a multitude of benefits

Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of having a garden.

Ready to start your plant journey?