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Best Food Combinations...with Sage

Best Food Combinations...with Sage

Using Sage


There's certain herbs we all know and have in our kitchens - basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, peppermint... And then there are some that can be found exclusively on the countertops of the most sophisticated foodies or the people that create dishes that you call "the best of your life". Sage is one of those herbs.


Using sage with its earthy, pungent and warm tang that reminds of cedar, citrus and peppermint, will put your favorite dishes on new tracks, and create the most surprising flavor combinations. And its name means "to save"...literally. Which is kind of true: It's been widely used for treating anything from infertility and ulcers to cough and wounds, for improving memory and brain function. And you've probably already heard of or even been using sage (its smoke, actually) for purifying the home and spirit. But let's leave the world of unknown for now and dive into the known - the amazing flavors you can easily create by using sage in combination with some of the most delicious things known to mankind.


Sage + eggs

Using Sage


The key to getting an out-of-the-ordinary gourmet omelet is...yes, you guessed it - using sage. We especially like scrambled eggs with cheese and fresh sage - so simple to make that there's barely a recipe to share. Just eggs, grated cheese, salt & pepper, and fresh sage leaves (chopped or whole - it's up to you) - mix it all together and scramble away!


Sage + pineapple

Using Sage


The juicy sourness of pineapple...the warm pungency of sage...the flavors together, creating a perfectly balanced ensemble... To put it shortly - using fresh sage in your fruit salad with pineapple or adding it to any other dish with the fruit is probably going to be one of the best culinary ideas you have ever had. 

P.S. Same works for apples!


Sage + poultry

Turkey or chicken with sage is something out of this world. Imagine - hot, juicy chicken straight out of the oven, with bits of fresh sage leaves balancing out the crispy golden skin, and a comforting onion, sage and thyme filling inside... Drooling yet? Try this chicken breast recipe tonight.


Sage + pork

Using Sage


Anyone who has had Italian pork sausages with sage, will understand what we're talking about. But it doesn't stop there - pork and sage's marriage extends to burgers, meatballs, stews, steak (to die for), roasts and...bacon. Yes. Bacon.


Sage + oil

Yes, we all know that we can make anything taste better if we fry it in oil and add sugar, but have you ever tried...deep-frying herbs? In this case - sage leaves? It's as simple as throwing fresh ones in boiling hot oil for just a few seconds, but using sage as garnish or seasoning for basically any dish in its crunchiest, most satisfying form will blow your mind.


Sage + alcohol

Umm, ever heard of sage cocktails? They'll literally have you dancing on the table. And as far as we know, the best moves come out with the tequila and sage smash: collins glass, lemon wedges, tequila, honey syrup (hot water + honey in equal parts), and, of course, fresh sage leaves. Good bye, Margaritas!


Sage + beans

If you're a fan of pasta, pizza, gelato, or anything else Italian, chances are, you're gonna love using sage with your beans as well - Italians are crazy about this combo! They've even named a bean dish Italian. The mild softness of beans and the rougher, earthy flavor of sage with a light citrusy just works. So well. Also - eating beans is good for your brain!


Sage + peanuts

Using Sage

Now here's a snack we want you to try. Get a pan, roast some peanuts, put them aside. Heat up a little bit of oil in the pan, roast some onions until they're golden, add a bunch of fresh sage leaves until they're soft and wilted. Then season it all with salt & pepper, add the peanuts, and simply mix everything together! You have no idea how good this tastes. Promise you'll try it?


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