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Your Click & Grow plants are doing it too


Ever wondered why your Tomato, Strawberry or Chilli Pepper has so little fruits? The answer is simple - they just need some funny business in their life, too. Some so-called "arrangements" or "romantic hangouts with other plants". Basically, your plants simply need to go out on a date, to give you more of those juicy tomatoes and other goodies. And as weird as it sounds, you need to help them... doing it the plant way. Or actually, the bee way.

In nature, bees are the ones making your plants happy and therefore - increasing their yield. They go from one flower to another, moving the pollen around. Don't worry, you don't have to have a bee hive near your Smart flowerbed or Smart Herb Garden. Just take a little paintbrush, and gently touch one flower after another. Yep, plants like doing it this way too, and it's makes them super productive! You'll have a bunch of delicious strawberries, tomatoes or chilli peppers in no time.


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