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Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed from A to Z


With the Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed being the most anticipated and the most celebrated Smart flowerbed Refill in the history of Click & Grow, we decided to put together a list of must-dos to help you get the most out of it.

But before we begin, let's answer this one question. Why is it so cool to grow strawberries with Click & Grow?

This is where the fun begins. Strawberries are very demanding plants that require a lot of attention, care and knowledge. The cool thing is that we have figured out a way to give your plants all that without the need of you to interfere. With Click & Grow, you are able to grow strawberries indoors from seeds, with zero effort and with no gardening know-how - everything that's necessary is in that white plastic box with a software.

Get the Smart flowerbed with Strawberry

Set it up.

It's really easy, a child could do it (tested). Just take the old refill out of your Smart flowerbed and click your strawberry in. Add water as well of course, if necessary. That's it!


Get the Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed


P.S. Don't forget to keep the transparent germination lens on till your cute little strawberry sprouts tall enough to reach it.


Get our Grow Light.


Strawberry is the daughter of the sun - it asks for a lot, a lot of light. Getting a Grow Light is a must for your strawberry to grow (that's why we've included the Grow Light in the Strawberry Smart flowerbed Starter Kit package) - consider it a house-warming gift, if you wish. Without the Grow Light, your Strawberry will become so annoyed it will never show its face to you in real life. Ever. Same happens in your mother's garden - when the strawberries haven't had enough light (or water), they're small and sour.


Get a Grow Light



You will be able to finally enjoy all the nuances of your red, juicy berries in about 3-6 months, depending on how well-lit your place is, what's the temperature, and how your strawberry likes its new home. However, the excitement and posting countless pics on Instagram of your new baby will start in already 1-2 weeks, when the first sprouts will appear.



Shake it off.

To help your strawberry produce more berries, you need to help it a little. When the strawberry blossoms are blooming, gently(!) shake the whole plant, to kickstart the pollination process. If you feel like a pro, take a small, soft paintbrush and bring the pollen from one flower to another with it.


Organize a house-party.

A strawberry growing out of a plastic box in your living room will be a GREAT conversation starter. That's a promise.




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