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How To Prune Basil

How To Prune Basil
Pruning basil


Basil is by far the most popular herb being grown in the Smart Herb Garden. And for a reason! It's looks sexy, it smells delicious and it's incredibly versatile. The heck, you can even make beer out of it! And as all good things, we want it to last longer, produce more and keep looking handsome. The key is in pruning. How to prune basil? We're glad you asked.


When pruning basil, leave 2 pairs of leaves on each stem. That's it! Don't ever just pick some leaves off - you'll leave your basil long and "naked". Not the prettiest view. So just go full-in with the scissors.



Why does it work? Basil is magic - where you cut one stem off, two new ones will grow back in place (if you don't cut off too much, of course). Kind of like the dragons from our childhood's fairytales. What to do with the cut parts? Use them!


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