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5 Amazing Ways Plants Help You Relax

5 Amazing Ways Plants Help You Relax

Plants are a wonderful source of inspiration. Among other things, they have the amazing ability to help us to relax. Here are 5 ways plants can help you unwind:

1. By removing harmful toxins from the air

Plants are excellent air purifiers. By taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, they improve the quality of air we breathe. As well as this, plants can reduce the levels of airborne dust and increase humidity. This could help reduce coughing, fatigue, and itchy eyes.


2. By helping you sleep better

Plants such as lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus are known for their soothing effects on the mind and body. Drinking teas made of certain plants (such as lemon balm) can also assist with sleep. Also, plants give your bedroom a more soothing, welcoming atmosphere, helping you unwind.


3. By facilitating healing

Tending to plants can be a great way to focus the mind away from ruminating thoughts. Research suggests that being in close proximity to plants can enhance your health. This was found to be the case particularly for patients recovering from surgery


4. By absorbing background noise

Plants with a large surface area can help reduce background noise. Surrounding yourself with indoor plants could help absorb the noise of traffic if you live near a busy road. Try placing plants around the periphery of your room. Sound will be able to bounce off the walls and into the leaves.


5. By simply being green

Many of us spend our lives in concrete jungles with very little contact with nature. By adding more plants to our living and working spaces, our minds can benefit from the soothing effects of greenery


If you work in an office environment, be sure to check out our 5 reasons why you need plants in your office. Also, discover 5 powerful ways flowers affect your emotions.

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