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5 Reasons Indoor Gardening is an Awesome Hobby for Dads

5 Reasons Indoor Gardening is an Awesome Hobby for Dads

Man tasting salad grown in a smart garden.

Gardening is often seen as a feminine hobby, but we're here to tell you it's time this perception changed. Indoor gardening, in particular, can be an awesome hobby for men - especially dads. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You’ll have a stress relieving activity

Being a dad is more stressful than many admit. With all the demands for your time and attention, fatherhood can really take its toll. Being exposed to nature is a soothing tonic. But what if you live in an urban environment? That’s where smart gardens come in.

A smart indoor garden can help dad to relax and unwind after a long day at work by providing a little bit of nature right inside his home. Studies show that exposure to nature can reduce stress, and even improve sleep

2. You can grow the freshest herbs for steaks

A lot of men love steak. But men love steak even more when it comes with fresh herbs. Smart gardens give dads an easy way to grow their favorite herbs on their kitchen counter or windowsill. The best part? They taste so much fresher than store bought herbs. 

Some of the most common Click & Grow herbs to grow are basilrosemary and chives to name a few. The Smart Garden 3 is especially great for growing herbs in small spaces.

3. You can grow plants for a welcoming office

Man sitting at an office desk with a smart garden in front of him.

A smart garden is a refreshing addition to any office. It's a great way to add some color and greenery to a space that might otherwise seem too sterile or boring. 

Smart gardens are also a great way to help men feel more comfortable in the office. Many men love to be in nature but sometimes the offices where they work don't reflect this. A smart garden will give them something natural and engaging to look at, which is great for improving productivity and morale.

4. You’ve got great tech to show off

Smart gardens are more than just a way for dads to grow their own food. They’re also a fun piece of technology to show off to friends and family. The fact that they automatically provide lighting and watering for plants makes them super intriguing and a great conversation starter.

The Smart Garden 9 PRO, in particular, is like something out of a science fiction movie - featuring a Bluetooth operated lamp with the ability to turn the lights on and off with the swipe of your hand.

5. You can bond with your kids over an educational activity

Father and daughter observing plants growing in a smart garden.

There are many ways to get kids interested in science, but one of the most effective is to present it as something that's fun and hands-on. The best way to do this is with smart indoor gardens.

Smart gardens are a great tool for dads to teach their kids about the basics of biology. They can be very useful in explaining how plants grow and why they need water, light, and nutrients. It’s also great for teaching kids about responsibility; learning how to take care of something that needs their attention. In the end, they experience a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Smart indoor gardens make it easy for dads to engage with their kids in an educational way that doesn't feel like schoolwork.

So, there you have it: 5 of the many reasons why indoor gardening is an awesome hobby for dads! If you’ve always wanted to become an indoor gardener, why not start this month? With a self-growing smart garden, it’s easier than you could ever imagine.

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