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5 Ways to Use Your Smart Indoor Garden During the Holidays

5 Ways to Use Your Smart Indoor Garden During the Holidays

The winter season is pretty rough if you’re used to spending lots of time in the great outdoors. No more walks on the beach, skiing, drifting around on the lake, etc. 

The good news is that there’s one place you can go where nature is not “the great outdoors,” but instead “the great indoors.” That place is your Click & Grow smart indoor garden! Here are some tips on how to make the most of it during the winter holidays.

1. Make it a centerpiece in your home


Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 on a living room table with Christmas decorations in the background.

Image: Click & Grow

Holiday decorating can be a fun activity for families, but when it comes to smart indoor gardens, you don’t have to go the traditional route. Make your indoor smart garden a centerpiece in your home by using a neutral color scheme and a few holiday decorations.

If you're planning a big holiday party, set your indoor garden up in the center of the room so guests can gather around it. It will serve as a living centerpiece and the plants' green leaves will help set off your decorations.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not decorate your smart indoor garden too? Here are just a few ideas to try:

Hang ornaments on the Click & Grow Smart Garden

Use some string to hang lightweight ornaments (ie. stars, candy canes) on your Smart Garden. Or, if you have some Christmas toys, place them around the surface of your garden to make it look as though they’re interacting with your plants.


Collage of toys placed on the surface of Click & Grow smart indoor gardens.

Images: @rou_ping3 / @dollyjong

Add fairy lights to the Click & Grow Smart Garden

Use some string or fishing wire to hang up fairy lights. Hang them near or above your smart garden to give extra light to your room. It’s an easy way to make your living space feel more festive.

Decorate with string popcorn

String popcorn is usually seen on Christmas trees but why not use it on your smart garden too? String them up and let them drape over your smart garden. You could use this in conjunction with other decorations such as Christmas lights and ornaments. 

2. Entertain guests with an indoor harvest

The Click & Grow Smart Garden is perfect for entertaining friends and family during the festive season. Hosting a dinner party? Why not serve your guests a selection of delicious salads freshly picked from your indoor garden? 

You can also use your smart garden to grow entertaining garnishes. If you’re having a cocktail party, Harvest some peppermint or thyme to garnish your drinks. Or, if you're planning an informal get-together, grow some fresh basil to sprinkle on top of your soup or salad. Your friends and family will be impressed by the unexpected ingredient, and you'll be the hero of the party for having grown it yourself!


Collage of food grow in Click & Grow smart gardens.

Images: @scholtzsalome / Kadri Ronk

If you love ornamental plants, why not grow some edible flowers? Edible flowers are a great way to add a little beauty to your table without adding too many calories or carbs. Try growing black pansy, cornflower, cockscomb or lavender – they look lovely arranged in small vases or bowls around a dinner table.

Throughout the evening, you’ll find your smart garden is a great conversation piece. It’ll also give you the chance to talk about where food comes from and how sustainable food practices impact the planet.

3. Have a home that smells like Christmas


The Click & Grow smart garden 9 on a windowsill with snow in the background.

Image: Click & Grow

The holidays are a time when you'll have loved ones over, and there's nothing quite like the smell of cinnamon or herbs. Why not add some of these traditional scents to your home? You can grow a variety of plants in your indoor garden that not only look beautiful in any room, but also smell amazing. Here are a few examples:


Rosemary is one of the most popular plants to grow indoors during the holiday season. It goes well with roasted meats and also gives off a pleasant aroma when warmed by the stove. We recommend growing some in a Smart Garden 9 or Smart Garden 9 PRO on your kitchen counter so it's always close to where you'll be cooking.


Lavender is another herbaceous plant that will make your home smell like Christmas. It's known for its ability to improve moods and relieve stress, so it's great for helping you get into the spirit of the season. You can use lavender in cooking but its scent is also pleasant on its own without being paired with food. 

Cinnamon Basil

Cinnamon basil is a perfect ingredient for holiday cookies. It can also be used to make a spicy, aromatic tea, ideal for cold winter evenings by the fireside. If you don’t end up using all of your harvest, you can easily store it in a container.

4. Grow your own holiday decor


Herbs on a wooden table next to some string.

Image: Giulia Bertelli

Indoor gardens are a great way to add holiday cheer to your home. Pansies are cheerful little flowers that are easy to grow indoors. They'll bring a splash of color into your room and they’re great for holiday decorations.

You can even give them away as gifts. Just gather them together in a small container and tie it with festive ribbon before giving it away to friends and family members who’ll appreciate it during the winter months.

Why not experiment with petunia, moss rose and busy lizzie from our vibrant flower mix? These types of plants will look stunning in a Smart Garden 27 in your living room or a Smart Garden 9 in your kitchen.

If you’re growing herbs, you could experiment with making a small herb wreath. Hang it on a door in your home or use it as a table decoration!

5. Use homegrown herbs to gift wrap


Presents that have been wrapped and decorated using brown paper, string and herbs.


A fun way to decorate wrapping paper is by using fresh herbs. Here’s how:

  • Wrap your gift in recycled paper 
  • Tie package with string
  • Use a piece of twine (optional) to bundle some herbs together
  • Slot the herbs between the string and the paper.

This type of wrapping will give your presents a rustic, homely feel. It’ll also look like you’ve put extra thought into it. Thyme and rosemary look especially great on gifts.

There’s a lot you can do with your smart indoor garden this holiday season and we’ve only scratched the surface in this article. So, if you’re interested in doing something off the beaten path this year, then by all means, get creative! You might just be surprised at what you come up with. Happy Holidays!

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