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5 Herbs That Will Fix Your Problems



Each plant has its “thing”, just like people. We all know that you eat licorice to relieve cough, snack on stevia to substitute sugar and get in better shape, and make a brew of coffee beans to get more energy. But there's also many plants that you don't necessarily have to eat to benefit from their “thing”. It can be enough to just smell them - yes, they're that powerful. Considering that we're craving a Big Mac more than herbs and greens when having a headache, this sounds like pretty good news to us. So to have these great-smelling hacks all in one place, here's a list of 5 herbs that will solve 5 problems you may have. They're dope.

Problem #1: Can't sleep.

Get Lavender. Fresh Lavender, dried Lavender, Lavender tea, Lavender essential oil, Lavender aroma bags, Lavender spray...the list goes on. From the beginning of times, Lavender has been known to increase the quality of sleep. A study by the University of Pennsylvania Faculty of Medicine has found that people who sniffed lavender before going to sleep had increased amount of deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, while the test subjects admitted to be waking up more vigorous.



And no, you don't need to get an army of Lavender-scented objects - sniffing a fresh Lavender plant before calling it a night or keeping it by your bedside will do the trick. Some even put Lavender stalks (with the leaves and flowers) in their pillowcases! For even better effect, drink a cup of fresh Lavender tea - it's a killer. Not too soon before bedtime though - even Lavender cannot beat the needs of your bladder.

Get Lavender

Problem #2: Feeling lost and/or negative.


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Hyssop is your guy. Being probably the most spiritual herb out there, it's also a go-to solution for different kinds of infections and emotional problems. Rub fresh hyssop between your hands and smell it for a minute or two if you're feeling like everything's a mess, there's nothing but chaos around you, you're feeling lost or being negative about everything. We've all been there, it's alright. It's scent has been proven to even ease depression!

Problem #3: Headaches.

Befriend Rosemary. There's countless people out there that owe getting rid of headaches and even migraines to it. Smelling fresh Rosemary+sleeping, drinking Rosemary tea or boiling Rosemary in hot water and inhaling the steam is only the most popular ways of curing whatever it is that's making your head explode.

Problem #4: Being constantly stressed.

Start consuming Peppermint. It contains menthol that is a natural muscle relaxant. And once your muscles are relaxed, you can calm down a little as well. So don't take a chill pill next time you're stressed out over something - take a chill leaf/tea instead. See what we did there?


Get Peppermint

Problem #5: No energy.

The answer is Verbena. Lemon Verbena. Among its many benefits (the Lemon Verbena oil even has a nickname of Miracle Oil), it's spot-on for boosting your energy levels, relieving fatigue and overall apathy. How about that brewing Lemon Verbena tea with or instead of your 8th desperate cup of coffee?
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