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Click and Grow in retail stores


A lot of people have been asking where our products can be found in retail stores. We have put together a list  of stores with addresses for you guys and we will add new locations in the future. So if you need an awesome gift for a friend, family or yourself, you do not have to wait for the delivery guy anymore but you can go and buy the fabulous Click and Grow from the nearest store around.


If there is not a shop nearby, do not worry, we are sure that sooner or later we will get there too, until then you can purchase all our products from our web



Nordic Design POHL

Tallinna Lennujaam


Tartu Kaubamaja






Kristiine keskus


Rocca al Mare


Ülemiste Keskus

Valge Klaar

Tartu mnt 50a, Tallinn

Valge Klaar

Viru Center, Viru väljak 4, Tallinn


Vabaduse väljak 8, Tallinn

Okapi Gallery

Niguliste 2, Tallinn


Rotermanni 5, Tallinn

Les Petites

Müürivahe 28, Tallinn

Les Petites

Telliskivi 60a, Tallinn

Eesti Disaini Maja     Kalasadama 8, Tallinn
Selver  Järve
Selver Kakumäe
Selver Ringtee, Tartu
Selver Pirita
Selver Kadaks
Selver Tondi
Selver Torupilli
Hortes Seljaku 4B Laagri
Hansaplant Kangru tee 9
Klick Eesti AS Ülemiste Keskus
Klick Eesti AS Viru Keskus
Klick Eesti AS Rocca Al Mare kaubanduskeskus
Klick Eesti AS Kristiine Kaubanduskeskus
Klick Eesti AS Järve Kaubanduskeskus
Klick Eesti AS Lasnamäe Centrum
Klick Eesti AS Lõunakeskus, Tartu
Klick Eesti AS Tasku, Tartu
Klick Eesti AS Kaubanduskeskus Eeden
Klick Eesti AS Kaubamajakas
Klick Eesti AS Viljandi Centrum
Klick Eesti AS Kaubanduskeskus Tsentraal
Klick Eesti AS Põhjakeskus 
Klick Eesti AS Rappeli Keskus, Rapla
Klick Eesti AS Auriga keskus (Kuressaare)
Klick Eesti AS Maxima kauplus, Valga
Klick Eesti AS Kagukeskus
Klick Eesti AS Maksimarket, Paide



Webhallen Stockholm, Fruängen

Fruängen Elsa Brändströms gata 52

Webhallen Stockholm, City

Sveavägen 39

Webhallen Stockholm, Solna

Englundavägen 5

Webhallen Stockholm, Täby

Täby Centrum, Ströget 271

Webhallen Göteborg, City

Ekelundsgatan 4

Webhallen Göteborg, Sisjön

Sisjövägen 45

Webhallen Malmö, City

Djäknegatan 16

Webhallen Uppsala, City

Svartbäcksgatan 14

Webhallen  Linköping, City

St Larsgatan 30



Williams Sonoma

507 Kenwood, Cincinnati, OH

Williams Sonoma

6016 Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Williams Sonoma

844 The Gardens, Palm Beach, FL

Williams Sonoma

704 Derby Street, Hingham, MA

Williams Sonoma

73 Birkdale, Huntersville, NC

Williams Sonoma

711 Houston Higlands, Houston TX

Williams Sonoma

392 Post Street, San Francisco, CA

Williams Sonoma

3 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

Williams Sonoma

991 Asheville, Asheville, NC

Williams Sonoma

2 Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA


119 W. 23rd Street, NYC 10011

Allstar Wholesales

3425 Pomona Blvd. Ste C Pomona, CA 91768

 Best Yield Garden Supply 3503 Temple Ave. Ste A Pomona, CA 91768



Gianola Sas Piazza D/Rebbublica, 2/U
Coltelleria Stabiglieri Angelo Via Costituzione 26
Elettrotecnica Longa SNC Via Rin 438
Lorenzi Andrea Corso Magenta 1
Ferramenta Tonelli Paolo Via Toscana 121/2°
Outliving Swiss Style Equipment Via Agnello, 8
Ernesto Guqltieri Srl Corso Umberto I, 251
Vivi La Natura Srl Via De Chirico, 4/B
Ferramenta Boriani Via Montegrappa 12/D
Hokistore Via Vittorio Bachelet 5/F
Hokistore via Luigi De Paoli 2
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