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A Teacher’s Perspective on Using Click & Grow in the Classroom

A Teacher’s Perspective on Using Click & Grow in the Classroom

We’re always inspired by stories of schools benefiting from Click and Grow gardens! This time we’d like to share one from Maplehurst Public School in Burlington, Ontario. Jennifer McNeill is a Self Contained Learning Disabilities Teacher, responsible for 8 students ranging from grades 4-6. She spoke to us about her experiences of using Click and Grow as an educational resource.

Teacher in a classroom setting.

How did you find out about Click and Grow?

I found out about Click and Grow through Instagram, I saw someone post about it and instantly knew it would be a great resource for my classroom. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate hands-on activities that can reach all parts of the curriculum and I thought this would be a perfect fit. 

Why did you decide to start using a Click and Grow smart garden in your school?

I decided to start using the Click and Grow smart garden in my school because I thought it would be a great learning opportunity for the students. You learn about the responsibility of caring for a living thing, understanding what a plant needs to grow, and practicing patience while waiting for seedlings to turn into plants. All 8 students have bought in.

Smart Garden 9 in a classroom setting.

How do you use Click and Grow as an educational tool?

I use Click and Grow in many different ways as an educational tool. It teaches students responsibility as they have to care for and water the plants whenever they need it. It's also a great conversation starter about healthy eating and access to food. 

What do you and your students enjoy most about using Click and Grow?

What we enjoy most about Click and Grow is how we get to watch the plants grow over the weeks. Everyday the students run in to check the growth of the plants and see if there’s any change! 

In your opinion, why is it good for kids to learn about gardening and sustainability?

In my opinion, it's important for students to learn about gardening and sustainability because it makes a difference in our society. We talk about the effects we have on the environment, and by gardening, we’re reducing our carbon footprint. It also sparks conversation on how we’re able to grow our own food and how important farming is to our community. 

Closeup on plants growing in the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9.

What advice would you give other parents or teachers about using Click and Grow?

Some advice I’d give to parents or teachers using Click and Grow is to just dive in! It’s such a great tool for starting discussions on how to grow your own food, how to be thankful for the food that’s readily available to us in grocery stores, and how we can make a difference by gardening ourselves.

Getting the kids involved in the process allows them to take ownership and feel valued! My students love being able to fill up the water tank and check in on the plants everyday. It’s been an incredible experience!

Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sharing your story with us.

If you’re a parent or teacher and want to inspire your young ones with nature, why not start today? Choose a garden that suits their needs and start them on a path to learning more about nature, sustainability, and healthy living.

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