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Aloe Isn't The Only House Plant That Can Help With Sunburns...

Aloe Isn't The Only House Plant That Can Help With Sunburns...

For this weeks #TryThisThursday and the unofficial (possible official beginning of summer, depending on where you live) we are talking all about home remedies for sunburn! In fact, your Smart Garden might be growing a home remedy now, and it's not just aloe that can save your skin.

indoor garden



Easy to grow, usually sprouts during the first week and is ready for harvest in a month, and can also save your sunburnt skin! Now, who said lettuce wasn't a superfood...


The way to use lettuce as a sun replant is to boil the lettuce leaves in water then strain out the lettuce leaves and cool the liquid in the fridge and once cooled use cotton balls to apply the juice to the burned areas. Lettuce works to reduce the pain that a sunburn can cause. 




A great way to internally fight sunburn is to drink tons of water, but fruit counts for this too! Watermelon and Melon are filled with water and can be a quick way to consume more water than your daily intake to fight sunburn.




Consuming organic tomatoes has been found to help prevent your skin from even get burnt in the first place! And luckily our mini tomatoes are not only organic, but they're GMO-Free and grown in vegan soil. Tomatoes help due to their lycopene levels! It is recommended to start increasing your tomato intake about three months before going into a sunny environment to get the maximum benefits, so don't wait to start! 



Aloe is the kale of sun remedies! Everyone has tried aloe at least once to help cure their sunburn and chance are it helped! Aloe works to cool the skin as well as, works to produce new skin cells and fight off any inflammation. 


Vitamin-C Rich Foods:


Guava is rich in vitamin-c, about five times more than oranges! And vitamin-c works to protect your skin from the sun and as a preventative, like tomatoes. However, if guavas aren't your favorite, you can also look to bell peppers and strawberries too because they are both rich in antioxidants and vitamin-c! 


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