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Click & Grow: 7 Perfect Plants For Your Garden Walkway

Click & Grow: 7 Perfect Plants For Your Garden Walkway

It’s been a long wait but gardening season is finally underway. Why not personalise your garden walkway with some of your favourite homegrown plants? Your garden can be a place you are proud of; somewhere you can enjoy some ‘me time’. To inspire you, we’ve listed a few plants you could easily grow in your Click & Grow Smart Garden and transplant along your garden path.

1. Lavender

Has there ever been a more poetic herb than lavender? Just a little lavender will instantly make your pathway look more tranquil. Research even suggests that lavender’s aroma could reduce levels of anxiety. Its scent has also been known to deter pests such as flies and mosquitoes. 

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2. Sweet Alyssum

If visions of dunes and sandy beaches appeal to you, sweet alyssum is the way to go. Appreciated for its graceful appearance and sweet smelling flowers, this plant adds a small glimpse of paradise to your walkway.

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3. White Snapdragon

Known for its fragrant white flowers and dragon-head appearance, the humble snapdragon adds elegance to a garden path. Its vivid white hue and interesting texture can complement almost any other plant you wish to grow alongside it.

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4. Rosemary

Why limit rosemary to the kitchen? Its sturdiness and vibrant green leaves make it a great choice for your walkway. As a bonus, if you’re having a barbecue in your garden, you could snap off a few sprigs and throw them onto the fire for flavouring.

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5. Thyme

Thyme is an ideal plant for giving walkways a softer appearance. It could be planted between stepping stones, on a sundial, or simply along the border of the path. It also possesses a sweet, musky aroma and is considered a good companion plant for roses as it helps to deter pests.

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6. Garden Sage

Like thyme, sage is also ideal for bordering and giving your walkway a softer appearance. You could even burn some in an outdoor fireplace to deter mosquitoes with its fragrant smoke. Sage is a sun loving plant, making it a particularly great choice if your pathway is exposed to a lot of sunlight.

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7. Busy Lizzie

Quite possibly the most exuberant plant in our collection! Busy lizzies are perfect for injecting some colour into your walkway. They’re widely appreciated for their vivid red, fuchsia, orange, white, and purple flowers. Another benefit of busy lizzies is that they can flower in shady spots where other plants might struggle. 

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Ready to grow? Check out our blog post for tips on prepping your smart garden, growing your plants and then transplanting them outdoors.

Finally, before planting anything outdoors, be sure to check if your locality has any laws which may affect what you can grow in your garden. Have fun experimenting and share your success stories in our Click & Growers community group!

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