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Click & Grow invites its community to become investors

Click & Grow invites its community to become investors


We are excited to announce the launch of our new community-focused crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, an industry-leading crowdfunding platform. The funding will allow us to accelerate innovation, expand the availability of our sustainable gardening solutions, and bring out new consumer products. 

Being 14 years on the market, we’ve pioneered hassle-free indoor gardening by pairing beautiful design with proprietary smart gardening technology. With over 500,000 gardens and 10 million plants sold in over 80 countries, we’ve empowered people worldwide to grow their own healthy herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers year-round. 

With investment options starting at just $100, the crowdfunding campaign provides an opportunity for our customers, fans, and those passionate about sustainability, smart tech, and local food to invest in Click & Grow’s future growth. 

"Our mission is for people to enjoy a deeper connection with nature and to make healthy and sustainably grown food easily accessible,” said Mart Tõevere, CEO of Click & Grow. “Over the years we’ve developed a large community that shares this mission. They use our products every day but they have also wanted to contribute in more ways. Now we’re making it possible to jump on board, become investors, and grow together,” he added. 



The crowdfunding round presents a unique possibility to act on several rising consumer trends: growing interest in indoor gardening, the expanding wellness sector, and increasing demand for products that enable living more sustainably. With community backing, we seek to improve our position to take advantage of these opportunities. 


“We’re thrilled to be able to take our next big steps with our community so that we can give something more back to them in the future when we succeed,” added the CEO. 


We carry more than a decade-long research and development of our proprietary plant pod technology, 6 patents, and validation of more than 18,000 plant varieties that ensure successful growing experiences in homes around the world. We’ve also developed one-of-a-kind production technology and globally scalable distribution that’s unique to our sector and spans owned online channels and major retailers such as Nordstrom, Best Buy, Williams Sonoma, Harrods, Virgin Megastores, and hundreds of Apple Premium Resellers.


For more details and a chance to become our investor, visit Click & Grow Wefunder page.

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