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Gardener of the Month - Featuring Cathie from Germany

Gardener of the Month - Featuring Cathie from Germany

Cathie from the Black Forest in Germany is our Gardener of the Month! She shared her gardening tips and experiences with us, and they were truly inspiring.

Portrait of a gardener carrying a basket full of plants.

Hi, Cathie! What does gardening mean to you and what role does it play in your life?

I am really lucky to live in the Black Forest in Germany in a kind of garden of Eden. My work meant I was forever traveling until the last few years, and it is wonderful to have the time now to be part of nature. My dad was a great gardener, so I feel I'm going back to my roots. Literally!

When did you start growing with us and what’s been the highlight of your indoor gardening journey?

I got my first Smart Garden 9 a few years ago and it was like a little miracle in my front room. It was a mini-biosphere and a way of lighting a dark corner! I was so excited that I immediately bought a second one, and then three more... and guess what, I signed up straight away for the Click and Grow 25: it's on its third week - exciting.

I didn't realize what a difference it would make then, but over time my husband has become disabled and housebound. Having healthy vegetables on hand is great for him and a massive help to me because I no longer have to spend so much time shopping.


Collage of plants and smart indoor gardens.


And of course… repotting! My petunias, lavender and wild strawberries all started as Click and Grow pods… I'm especially pleased with the wild strawberries which come year after year. They’ve even been revived after our long, dry summer. I experimented with starting seeds in the Click and Grow using a bamboo substrate; the pumpkins and tomatoes in my garden all began that way. The only problem was, I thought some of the seeds were zucchini / courgettes but they ended up being pumpkins. So I have a bit of a glut and all my friends are getting pumpkin baskets!

What are your favorite plants to grow and why?

Pak choi always flourishes in the Click and Grow, and it’s wonderful to just grab any kind of salad no matter what the season. There's nothing worse than finding a slimy three-week-old supermarket salad at the back of the fridge. And, if you're lucky, in summer you can plant salad outside and it grows for ages: even if you’ve ripped all the leaves off, they come back. 

Collage of outdoor plants growing in a garden.

What advice would you give new growers?

You're working with nature - let it be itself. Sometimes things work better than expected, and sometimes they never come up at all (and remember Click and Grow will replace any duds). Watch and learn what works best for you: observation and patience are your best gardening tools (and gardening certainly taught me patience!).

Many thanks, Cathie, for talking to us about your indoor gardening journey.


Stay tuned - next month we'll be featuring another gardener chosen by our Facebook community!


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Portrait photo by Sandro Welton

All other images by Cathie

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