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How The Click & Grow 25 Can Help Your Child Eat Better

How The Click & Grow 25 Can Help Your Child Eat Better

‘How do I get my child to eat more greens?’ If you’ve ever asked that question, you’re not alone. Children and greens can be a tricky combination. After all, they’re still learning to appreciate different types of foods. Greens have complex flavours which take some getting used to. In a way, it’s similar to developing a new skill. It takes some nurturing but the results are well worth it. Greens can help support a child’s immune system and provide important nutrients for their development. Here’s how growing in the Click & Grow 25 can encourage your child to eat more of the good stuff.

By giving you a hands-on opportunity to grow food together

Research suggests that a hands-on approach to something like gardening can encourage children to consume more vegetables. Eating habits can be influenced when you allow your child to be part of the food growing process. Studies such as this one indicate that children eat more fruits and vegetables if they are homegrown. This could mean letting them choose which plants to grow, planting them together and harvesting them together. This gives them a healthy sense of ownership and pride over what they grow. By involving them in the process, you help them see greens in a different way - not simply objects that appear on the dinner table. Their food becomes much more meaningful to them if they’ve overseen the growing process. The Click & Grow 25 is designed to provide a continuous supply of greens. It uses a 5 week growing program to ensure you always have fresh greens available. Each tray holds 5 plants and one Click & Grow module grows 25 plants. This gives you an opportunity to grow a variety of different greens with your kids and they can look forward to trying something new each cycle.

By growing plants they can prepare meals with 

The Click & Grow 25 features a unique tray system, making it super easy to take your fully grown plants to your kitchen counter or dining table. Not only does this make it easier to harvest the plants with your kids, it also makes it easier to prepare meals together. By letting your child help in the kitchen, you’re giving them additional hands-on experience with the food they’ve grown. It’s a chance to bond with your child and help them to see healthy food in a non-threatening, fun way. It also allows them to put their homegrown plants to good use. They’ll experience a great sense of achievement knowing their plants have helped contribute to a family meal!

By helping you be a positive role model

By growing your own food in the Click & Grow 25, you’re being a positive role model for your child. You’re showing them that greens are valuable and worthy of your time. A Finnish study carried out in 2020 looked at the association between parental influence and the consumption of fruits and vegetables among kindergarten-aged children. It suggests parents have an important role to play in encouraging the consumption of greens. As one of the researchers, Kaisa Kähkönen, pointed out, ‘A positive example set by both parents is important, as is their encouragement of the child’. The study also found that dinner is the most important meal for teaching children to eat greens. According to this study, people who are involved in gardening during childhood are more likely to show an appreciation for gardening during adulthood. By setting an example of growing food at home (and involving your child in the process) you’re setting the foundation for them to grow their own food as adults. The Click & Grow 25 can be a great educational tool as well. Your child will be intrigued by the way it looks and functions. As they watch their chosen plants grow, it’s an opportunity to discuss where food originates (ie. not in the fridge or in supermarkets!) and why fresh food is good for your health.

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