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The Story Of The Smart Garden 9

The Story Of The Smart Garden 9


Any company and individual who introduces a concept or a product to the general public, is going to receive immense feedback on it, and, throughout the 7 years of the existence of Click & Grow, we have been incredibly honored to have a community of over 350 000 people that have been more than generous with their feedback and ideas. Every suggestion or critique a Click & Grower sends our way is read, registered, discussed and worked with - no matter how feasible or unbelievable it is.

When going through thousands and thousands of requests from everyone with and without a Click & Grow garden out there, we noticed 2 that were popping up the most: you wanted a garden bigger than the Smart Herb Garden yet smaller than the Wall Farms, and a lamp that can be adjusted for growing taller plants. So we decided to do something about it and the idea of the Smart Garden 9 was born.


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First of all, the product had to be simple and serve the ultimate Click & Grower - one that does not have the time, the space or the know-how for gardening yet wants better for themselves than the spray-covered "fresh" food from the supermarket and buying into the waste (of energy, resources, harvest, and more) that defines corporate farming. Minimalistic in design, incredibly easy to use and maintain, with the most important and the most important features only - no bells and whistles (we put a lot of emphasis on clear focus in all things we do here at Click & Grow). 



Second of all, it had to incorporate the above mentioned upgrades Click & Growers had requested. And we wouldn't be Click & Grow if we didn't go all the way, so instead of just upsizing the Smart Herb Garden, we redesigned it completely into the smoother, more luxurious, effective and efficient Smart Garden 9. So what's the magic there?


1. The lighting system

We completely redesigned the lighting system to offer maximal efficiency and the perfect spectra for mimicking nature's photosynthesis peaks and making the light rays more focused on the plants to not only increase the speed of growth and yield, but also reduce the domestic light pollution.

We also changed the concept of the light arm, and instead of the 3 lamp height levels the Smart Herb Garden offers, the Smart Garden 9 allows you to lift the lamp as high up as necessary thanks to the light arm brackets, making it perfect for growing taller plants as well.



2. The Smart Soil and refill plant capsules

The Smart Soil has been the heart of all our products and the main ingredient differentiating Click & Grow technology from all other urban farming products out there since the very beginning - growing with the Smart Soil technology leads to 95% water savings, 30% faster growth and 600% more antioxidants in the final harvest. Yes - Click & Grow is not hydroponics.

However, we turned our plant refill concept around by 180 degrees. Previously, each refill consisted of a plastic capsule and the Smart Soil, and the user "clicked" the refill in its dedicated slot in the garden.

Now, with the Smart Garden 9, the plastic capsule is already built in the garden, and all that needs to be changed is the Smart Soil, considerably reducing the plastic waste. But do not be alarmed and do not throw away all the Click & Grow refills you have in your back room - all of our refills are still compatible with all of our products, including the Smart Garden 9! All we've done is reduce your plastic waste long-term.



3. The watering system

Our watering system, thanks to the Smart Soil, does not need any loud and expensive pumps, sensors or filters, yet still delivers the exact amount of water each and every plant needs, when it needs it, while keeping the oxygen and nutrient levels right where they should be for optimal plant growth.

We've given the Smart Garden 9 an impressive 1.45 gallon / 5 liter water tank and an automatic watering feature, making it perfect for the ultimate Click & Grower, as it holds enough water for up to 2 months of growing. Because we like the idea of giving the Click & Grow family members a chance to go on long vacations without worrying about the plants.


4. The design

It's not in our - Estonian - nature to pat ourselves on the back, but the Click & Grow gardens are and always have been arguably the best-looking plant growing systems out there, and with the Smart Garden 9, we wanted to not only continue this legacy, but bring it to the next level.

Our designers turned an urban garden into something near to a piece of art with smooth, luxurious-feeling materials, intricate, clean design and beautiful colors. Why? Because everything a Click & Grower owns - even their lettuce pods - is and should be impeccable.



There you go, that's the magic of the Smart Garden 9 that allows everyone to grow fresh food at home with no effort, know-how or attendance. And it seems that we have hit it just right - the Smart Garden 9 was fully funded within the first 48 hours since launching it on Kickstarter and covered by TechCrunchGIGadgets and others. And since the demand for it was so high even after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we decided to make it available for pre-orders on our website for a limited time. So if this is something you think would make it easier for you to live healthy and control what goes on your plate, all there's left to do is...


Pre-Order the Smart Garden 9

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