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5 Quirky Reasons to Buy a Smart Garden This Week

5 Quirky Reasons to Buy a Smart Garden This Week

What’s not to love about growing plants indoors? They have a positive effect on our physical health, our emotions, and even our stress levels. Plants even teach us some amazing life lessons.

With Click & Grow’s fully automated indoor gardens, it’s easier than ever to grow your favorite herbs and flowers from home. Smart gardens provide light and water for your plants, enabling you to grow 100% organic herbs with ease.

With summer well and truly upon us, here are 5 quirky reasons to get your very own Smart Garden this week:

1. You’ll have plants to welcome you home from vacation

With a Smart Garden, you’ll never have to come home to an empty house. You’ll be excited to see how the capsules you planted have grown while you were away. Your plants will also purify the air!

2. You’ll have a cool conversation starter

Having relatives or friends visit you during the summer is as inevitable as the sun rising. What will you talk about when they arrive? Simple - your intriguing Smart Garden! Don’t be surprised to hear remarks such as ‘wow’, ‘it’s like something from a sci-fi movie’, ‘what is this beautiful thing?’ etc. The ice will be broken and you’ll have your cute Smart Garden to thank.

3. Your inner chef will be unleashed

Now that you’ll be growing the freshest herbs around, you’ll feel inspired to cook and bake some delicious summer recipes with them. Adding a few carefully chosen herbs to a meal can instantly elevate its taste and turn it into a memorable experience. ‘Compliments to the chef!’, they’ll exclaim. Your Smart Garden will gladly let you take the credit.

4. You’ll have additional lighting after sunset

There’s something remarkably calming about the presence of a Smart Garden with its glowing lights. Nobody wants a perfect summer day to end. So, picture this: as the sun slowly sets, you find a comfortable spot beside your self-luminous Smart Garden and lose yourself in a charming novel. Once plugged in, your Smart Garden’s lamp will remain on for 16 hours of the day, bathing your plants and your room in light.

5. Your self-confidence will be boosted before returning to work / studies

Smart Gardens make growing your own plants one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. It will transform your perspective on gardening and make you realize that you too can be a gardener. While watching your beloved plants grow, you’ll realize you have more patience than you imagined. You’ll also feel a healthy sense of pride knowing that, along with your Smart Garden, you’ve helped nurture a living organism.

Head over to and discover how the Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 make growing fresh, organic food and flowers at home easier than ever.

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