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The Secret To Cooking The Best Steak Ever

The Secret To Cooking The Best Steak Ever



In our search for technologies that have the potential to change the home-cooking game, we stumbled upon a counter-top grill with sous-vide precision and 450° searing power. Precision cooking typically involves cooking food for longer periods of time at a lower temperature, but the results are oh-so-worth-it.

So we reached out to Eric Norman, the founder and creator of Cinder precision grill, to talk about - surprise, surprise - FOOD.  


Hi, Eric! What food-tech innovations do you follow and are most excited about?

Eric:  Of course I believe in precision cooking and there are a number of products that I’m excited about. And anything having to do with pizza gets my interest.


Eric Norman in the Cinder office


What do you like to eat when no one is looking?

Eric: I grind roasted almonds, then put it on the darkest chocolate I can find, and sprinkle it with Maldon salt. Don’t tell anyone!

If you could dine in any city in the world, where would you go and why?

Eric: For me, Tokyo has the best range of prices and genres, pretty much anywhere you go is good quality and you can find amazing focused shops. The attention to detail and service is just wonderful.


If you could retire one commonly used cooking practice, what would it be and why?

Eric: Searing first to lock in the juices, it’s been shown that this isn’t actually what happens but somehow the concept makes sense so people have trouble letting go of it.

Tell us a bit more about Cinder. Where did you get the idea to build the world's first precision grill?

Eric: I had this low temperature, melt in your mouth salmon and I wanted to make it at home. The existing tools were cumbersome and we stepped back and thought there must be a better way. Cinder was natural and easy to use and has captured the imagination of many.



Why should an avid home-chef use a precision cooker instead of sticking to the regular pan or a stove?

Eric: The better your skills, the more you will appreciate precise temperature. You can get exactly the results you want without stress, so it frees you up to do more. If you’re just starting out you can get results like a top restaurant on your first try. You´ll cook the best steak you´ve ever had in no time.


What is your favorite thing to cook with a precision grill?

Eric: We cooked so much steak in the early days that my cholesterol went up and so I had to find other foods that I like. Lately I’ve been playing with eggs: fried, scrambled omelettes.



So precision cooking is not only for meat lovers? 

Eric: No, in fact I use it often for eggplant, zucchini, or onions. And we’ve had vegetarians be excited that they could now cook good meat for their carnivorous friends!



And last but not least, how can our readers get their hands on Cinder? 

Eric: Signing up for our mailing list at is the best way. We’re about to launch an Indiegogo campaign and we’ll let the mailing list know the details first.



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