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Why You'll Feel Like a Hero When Using the Click and Grow 25

Why You'll Feel Like a Hero When Using the Click and Grow 25

Not all heroes wear capes. Much of the time, they’re people who make small changes to their daily routines that lead to big improvements for their families and the environment. The Click and Grow 25 can be your ultimate sidekick in this mission. Here’s how using this indoor garden will make you feel like a hero! 

You’re being proactive with your health

Woman removing a tray from the Click and Grow 25.

Greens are some of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, helping to keep your energy levels high and stress levels low. Growing your own vitamin-rich greens in the Click and Grow 25 is a great way to boost your health.

What’s the significance of growing at home? A common problem with store-bought produce is that it isn't as vitamin-rich as it could be. It’s estimated that fresh produce loses around 30 percent of nutrients three days after harvest.

When you consider the distances that vegetables must travel to reach store shelves and the pollutants they absorb along the way, it makes store-bought greens even less appealing. The Click and Grow 25 gives you a constant supply of fresh, leafy greens that you can harvest as soon as they're ready. 

It’s recommended that adults get 1.5 cups of any dark green vegetable, along with 4 cups of other green vegetables every week. With the Click and Grow 25, this is easily achievable. Examples of vitamin-rich greens you can grow include Arugula, Green Chard and Leaf Mustard and Red Kale.


You’re taking food safety seriously

Greens growing in the Click and Grow 25.

What could be better than enjoying a mouthful of crunchy, fresh greens knowing they’re 100% clean and safe? By growing food in the Click and Grow 25, you’re taking an active stance on food safety. You’re showing your friends and family that it matters to you. 

With the World Health Organization estimating that around 600 million people become sick every year from food contamination, growing your own greens makes a lot of sense. Before making plant pods, Click and Grow tests each batch of smart soil against 500 chemicals commonly used in agriculture to make sure it’s completely safe.

Unlike much of the produce you find in supermarkets, Click and Grow greens are not treated to prolong their shelf life or exposed to transport-related pollution.


You’re saving space and energy

Men socializing with a Click and Grow 25 in the background.

By growing food in the Click and Grow 25, you’re dispelling the notion that you need a large plot of land to grow food. We believe gardening shouldn’t be limited to big spaces. That’s why the Click and Grow 25 was designed to be space-efficient. 

It takes up just 3.2 sq ft/0.3 sq m of floor or countertop space - roughly the same as a microwave oven. It features a modular design, allowing you to stack units on top of each other to grow even more food at once.

On top of this, the Click and Grow 25 is more energy efficient than all of its competitors. One Click and Grow 25 module uses only 200 kWh or 24$ worth of energy per year. In comparison to other systems, that's 10 times more sustainable use of energy per plant. That brings us nicely to the next point…


You’re promoting a more sustainable world

Chef preparing a meal with the Click and Grow 25 in the background.

When you grow your own food in the Click and Grow 25, you’re being kind to the planet. One way you’re doing this is by cutting back on food waste. Supermarket sales tempt us into buying more produce than we can actually consume. It’s a shame to think that 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year.

With the Click and Grow 25, you can grow as much as you need and harvest it when it’s ready. The garden has a 5 week growing cycle, making it easier to plan your meals ahead of time. When you harvest greens from your Click and Grow 25, they’ll stay fresh and nutritious for up to a week, giving you plenty of time to consume them.

Owning the Click and Grow 25 is like having a mini farmers market in your own home. Why are farmers markets good for the planet? They bypass the middlemen in the food supply chain who focus on efficiency and profit rather than freshness, taste, and integrity of natural resources. As the middlemen are removed, the supply chain becomes shorter and less transportation is required.

When growing food with the Click and Grow 25, you get to enjoy a garden-to-plate experience, meaning you can skip the grocery store commute and there’ll be one less vehicle on the road. You don’t need to travel to source ingredients and you don’t even need a plot of land. 


You’re improving the look of your home

Woman preparing a meal whilst looking at the Click and Grow 25.

One of the less talked about benefits of the Click and Grow 25 is that it improves the look of your home, creating a living space your loved ones will be proud of. Got kids? The garden will become an exciting feature they can’t wait to show their friends who come over. Having guests over? Now you’ve got an intriguing conversation starter!

By bringing nature indoors with the Click and Grow 25, you’re making your home a greener, more tranquil place to be.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a healthier, happier, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family with the help of the Click and Grow 25.

The Click and Grow 25 indoor garden.

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